Meet Bryan
Bryan T. Stovall

Bryan T. Stovall

Growing up as a kid who loved video games and wondering how they worked, computers became Bryan's hobby.  As a freshman in college he was torn between studying computers or architecture.  After his first semester of studying both areas, he found his path, and decided to make the field of computer technology his career.  That career has led him on an interesting and diverse path. Bryan has an extensive background in Embedded Software Design/Development having worked on projects for the U.S. Navy,  U.S. Army, and the U.S. Coast Guard. A Degree in Computer Engineering has given Bryan a general knowledge of digital logic and computer hardware. He has put that knowledge to use as he spent literally hundreds of hours in a lab environment testing and integrating hardware and software together.  In addition, Bryan has spent years developing software at every level developing firmware for custom hardware, embedded software for a "Head-Less" computer system, developing desktop applications, and Web Applications. With each new project, Bryan brings decades of experience designing, developing, and testing computer software.
Bryan founded Stovall Consulting Services, LLC in 2000, and has been providing a variety of computer solutions to clientele throughout the valley ever since.
B.S. Computer Systems Engineeering
Arizona State University 1997
M.E. Softwre Engineeirng
Arizona State University 2010
25 Years of industry Experience
Allied Signal, Andersen Consulting, Motorola, General Dynamics